About me

Intercultural Trainer & Business Coach

Martina Jeric-Ruzovits
  • More than 20 years of professional experience in global communication.
  • Certified Intercultural Trainer with experience in expat training, business group training & workshops and 1:1 coaching.
  • Owner of a language school and translation provider and I've been teaching for 15 years.
  • Member of SIETAR Austria
    Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research
  • Guest lecturer & speaker
  • Host of CultureTalks & Let's Talk Podcast
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Coach
  • NLP Practitioner

My goal is to convey the joy of languages and cultures & help entrepreneurs
and companies as well as individuals reach their potential & improve
across cultures.

My bio

I grew up in Styria, the so-called green heart of Austria and even back then, in school, it was one of my dreams to move to another country and to travel as much as possible. So, after finishing tourism school in Styria I moved to Vienna in 2001 to start a career in the tourism sector. This allowed me to not only practice my language skills I had acquired in school but - even more important - get to know other cultures and people from different countries, at the same time and … I guess this is when it all started.

In 2002, I moved to the US where I lived and worked for almost two years, and it was one of the best experiences in my life and let me grow as a person. I believe it’s important to embrace the new life and be as open-minded as possible to live a happy life abroad.
When I came back to Austria, I went back to working in the tourism sector … until 2014. I’ve been self-employed since 2006 but 2014 was the year in which I decided to go „all-in“ and start my own business.

As an intercultural communication trainer I’m helping my clients to deal with cultural differences within their team as well as expats or should I say expats to be … to prepare for what’s to come when they move to another country or city or when they move back … which eventually leads to different challenges. 

As business language trainer & coach I’m helping my clients to become more confident in using the language they need in their new life and how to stay motivated in order to be able to improve, not only becoming fluent in a language but also give them the opportunity to get another job. 

"CL: CasaLinguae" and "Cross.Cultural.Communication" combined provide an all-in-one communication package
for companies as well as individuals who travel a lot, work as expats, do business internationally and need to brush up their language skills and improve their communication.

  • Language training in more than 20 languages 
  • Cross-cultural communication training, workshops & „coaching“ sessions
  • Translation services, proofreading, and interpreting

"We should never judge people without first learning to hear and respect them." - Paulo Coelho

Talk soon!
Martina Jeric-Ruzovits

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