My vision

“To live in a world of mutual understanding and trust – by creating a safe space to learn and grow, to bring people closer together and foster awareness of personal and cultural differences.” 


As an intercultural business communication trainer & coach my goal is to support you in adopting a mindset that allows you to communicate effectively within international teams and across cultures – to establish relationships that last and to create a safe space of mutual understanding and a company culture built on trust.



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Intercultural Training and Workshops
Leadership Across Cultures
Taiwan - a nomadic life

A nomadic life

Marie Dancer is French, and she has transitioned from the banking industry to the professional coaching (EQ) and has also been working for trust-building organizations.

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Brazil and its culture

Brazil & its culture

The unique culture of Brazil and the firm set of values – an interview with a Brazilian – Melissa Antunes de Menezes. Get familiar with Brazilian culture and enhance your cultural knowledge of Brazil.

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Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town, affectionately known as the “Mother City”, is a bubbling pot of mixed culture. Much can be written about culture in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

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International Negotiations

Negotiation is something we encounter on a regular basis, and just a few rules can help us negotiate more confidently and purposefully – The “Harvard Negotiation Method”

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