Cultural differences if not aware of them and not dealt with, can lead to communication problems, within a single team and the entire company. 
Do you need support in improving the communication within the company and your international teams?

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Cross Culture Communication Coaching


If you want to see a change in your company and an improvement of communication patterns in your teams by evaluating the personal and cultural values, then this is the coaching for you!

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The talks provide insights into other cultures and their customs and traditions. In addition, the interview partners share their story & their experiences in other country as well as how they deal with differences.

Culture Communication Podcast


The podcast helps all language learners to become more fluent
and more confident
in using the language as well as to become aware of cultural differences
within a team and a company.


The goal of the C.C.C. coaching as well as the „CultureTalks“ and the „Let’s talk“ podcast is to help you become more aware of cultural differences within your company and the teams you are responsible for and the importance of each team members’ and business partner’s personal and cultural values and the influence on their behavior and communication.  

When it comes to communication it isn’t only the language that creates barriers , it’s the lack of understanding for other cultural beliefs, and stereotypes and prejudices we have against other people or cultures/countries.

To improve the communication within a company and across borders while doing business with other countries and cultures, I will provide you with cultural insights and the do's and don'ts to avoid possible misunderstandings and losing the deal you've always wanted.