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What is CultureTalks?

My GOAL is to prepare you for your next business trip abroad, to
AVOID any BLUNDERS while traveling and DOING BUSINESS with
other CULTURES, how to communicate and deal with differences.

If you are interested in OTHER CULTURES, follow my CultureTalks
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Talk #17
with Michelle Bradley
Chinese Concepts

Talk #16
with Dilek S√ľzal
Relocation & Culture Shock

Talk #15
with Dilek S√ľzal
Time Management & Planning
Turkey & Austria

Talk #14
with Dilek S√ľzal
Work culture & family life
Turkey & Austria

Talk #13
with Dilek S√ľzal
Architect, ICF Coach & Expat 
Turkey & Austria

Talk #12
with Beatrice Ruiz
DEI + L&D Expert
Spain, UAE, USA, Germany

Talk #11
with Vanessa Paisley 
UK & Austria

Talk #10
with Marina Dzhashi

Talk #9
Nina Wiesinger
Austria, Georgia & Russia

Talk #8
Anna Liebel | PART II
Ukraine, Sweden & Iceland

Talk #7
Anna Liebel | PART I
Ukraine, Sweden & Iceland

Talk #6
Ilkay √Ėzkisaoglu
Turkey & Germany

Talk #5 
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski
Germany & UAE

Talk #4
Marie Dancer
Morocco & Future Plans

Talk #3
Marie Dancer
Malaysia & Taiwan

Talk #2
Marie Dancer
France & Canada

Talk #1
Melissa Antunes de Menezes
Brazil & Austria

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LIving & Working Abroad

Would you like to prepare yourself & your family for what’s coming?¬†
Would you like to avoid culture shock?